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March 2018

In the March issue of LNG Industry, the regional report is supplied by the Economist Intelligence Unit, focusing on the Mediterranean and its increasing influence on rapidly growing global LNG trade. The issue also features insight from Connect LNG, Wood Mackenzie, Orbital Gas Systems and more.

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LNG news

Keeping Europe connected
Peter Kiernan, The Economist Intelligence Unit, UK, evaluates the Mediterranean as a key region in the rapidly growing global LNG trade.

LNG vs solar– what is the best option for island markets?
Massimo Di-Odoardo and Tom Heggarty, Wood Mackenzie, UK, assess the viability of LNG-to-power solutions in island power markets.

Desirable dehydration designs
Phani Patchipulusu, Clark Dickson, and Steve Cheaney, Dickson Process Systems LLC, USA, discuss design guidelines for large scale LNG dehydration.

The key to correct sampling
Jake Tivey, Orbital Gas Systems, USA, examines methods required to ensure correct sampling in natural gas trace moisture measurement.

Keeping out the cold
Jente Quintens, Pittsburgh Corning, Belgium, discusses Yamal LNG’s use of insulation for long term performance in a harsh environment.

Innovation can unlock benefits
Robert Hunter, Safehouse, UK, outlines how innovation can hold the key to managing health and safety in a new era for the industry.

Groundbreaking transfer technology
Miriam Wennberg, Connect LNG, Norway, and Miguel Duvision, Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain, describe the first ever LNG transfer with the Universal Transfer System.

Turbines you can trust
Mark Lipton, GE Marine Solutions, USA, evaluates compact gas turbines and their applications for reliable ship power and propulsion.

The silent transfer
Andrew Stafford, Trelleborg Marine Systems, UK, discusses how the Universal Safety Link provides all stakeholders with a holistic overview of the entire process arrangement to ensure a ‘silent transfer’.

Choosing the best containment
Bob Watson, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, reviews flat-bottom tank containment types and highlights two single containment tanks for companies in the final stages of construction and commissioning.

The icing’s on the cake, not on the plant
John Williams, Aspen Aerogels, USA, discusses a recent case study in Southeast Asia for insulating an LNG import terminal with flexible aerogel blanket materials.

Brick by brick
Guillaume Gelin, GTT, France, discusses how membrane technology can be competitive for small capacities.

15 facts on... the Mediterranean

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