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March 2016

Floating LNG is the lead feature in this issue, with articles from Air Products, Technip, Ophir Energy and Excelerate Energy. Other features include heat exchangers, LNG as a transport fuel, training and simulation. This issue also includes a preview of a selection of companies that will be exhibiting at LNG 18 in Perth, Australia, in April.

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Australia: an LNG powerhouse
Geoffrey Cann, Deloitte, Australia, outlines the critical challenges for Australia as it readies itself to become the leading exporter of LNG.

Expanding nitrogen at sea
Annemarie Ott Weist, Öznur Saygi-Arslan and Mark Roberts, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., USA, discuss a range of liquefaction processes suitable for floating LNG.

Innovation & replication
Phil Hagyard and Jean-Marc Letournel, Technip, France, explain why the future of floating LNG will depend on a balance between repeatability and innovation.

A floating fortune
Oliver Quinn, Ophir Energy, UK, discusses the latest developments at the Fortuna FLNG project in Equatorial Guinea.

Island mentality
Langley Meek, Excelerate Energy, USA, presents a logistical solution to provide island nations in the Caribbean with LNG.

FLNG: mitigating the risks
Jonathan Goldfarb, UK, and Patricia Tiller, Dubai, Ince & Co., outline some of the key areas of negotiation surrounding floating LNG contracts.

Under control
Eric Morilhat and Nicolas Duhamel, FMC Technologies Loading Systems, France, discuss the importance of customising the design and operation management programme for different LNG offloading systems.

Organic power ideas
Jacob Thomas, John Mak, Arindom Goswami and Steven Borsos, Fluor Energy and Chemicals, USA, look at mid scale LNG liquefaction plant innovations.

Not everything is bigger in Texas
Vivek Chandra, Texas LNG, USA, explains why the company’s mid scale LNG export project will be commercially viable in a changing market.

Scaling up
Steven Vallee, Brent Heyrman, Doug Decker and Doug Ducote, Chart Industries Inc., USA, look at the scale-up of plate-fin heat exchangers for a mid scale LNG process.

An offshore option
Florian Picard, Fives Cryo, France, presents a new heat exchanger solution suitable for offshore applications.

Braving the sea
Derek Goh and Derya Turgay-Herz, eltherm GmbH, discuss electrical heat tracing solutions for the offshore gas processing industry.

Overcoming the challenge
Roy Bleiberg, ABS, USA, looks at the challenges facing ship owners, shipyards and service providers as they move to adapt to LNG as fuel.

Making the right choice
Alexander Harsema-Mensonides, Braemar Engineering, USA, examines LNG containment systems and their suitability as LNG fuel tanks for commercial ships.

Training for the future
John Morgan, USA, and Alan Royer, Canada, PetroSkills | John M. Campbell, explain how carefully structured training can improve safety and cut costs at LNG plants.

Playing a serious game
David Thomson, AVEVA, UK, looks at how multi-player gaming technology can transform safety and efficiency in the management of complex engineering assets.

Reading the waves
Steve Sabin and Randall Chitwood, SETPOINT Vibration, USA, show how modern commercial process historians can also serve as full-featured vibration monitoring software.

Spot the difference
Wendi Orlando, OpenLink, USA, explains how real-time CTRM can help businesses adapt to a changing LNG market.

LNG 18 preview
LNG Industry previews a selection of companies that will be exhibiting at LNG 18, which will be held in Perth, Australia, from 11 – 15 April 2016.

15 facts... on Australia

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