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June 2020

The June issue of LNG Industry features a regional report that provides a detailed analysis of the latest trends in the US LNG industry. The issue also includes a range of technical articles covering the following topics: Liquefaction terminals, Gas pretreatment, Valves, Safety innovations, and LNG storage tanks.

This month's front cover is brought to you by American Tank & Vessel Inc.

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A quest for balance
Ole R. Hvalbye, Rystad Energy, Norway, provides a detailed analysis of the latest trends in the US LNG industry.

How big is just right?
Richard Wheeler and John Baguley, LNG Limited, USA, explain how selecting an ideal LNG train and facility size can improve project economics.

Alaska LNG: an update
Leslie C. Krusen, Alaska Gasline Development Corp., USA, provides an update on the status of the Alaska LNG project, outlining some of the challenges faced and innovative technologies employed.

The science of separation
David B. Engel, Cody Ridge and Scott Williams, Nexo Solutions, USA, take a detailed look at front-end separation technologies in LNG production facilities.

The VIP standard
Maurice Dekker, Demaco Holland B.V., the Netherlands, describes and evaluates the advantages of using vacuum insulated pipelines for transferring LNG.

The economical choice
WT Cutts, American Tank & Vessel, Inc., and Eric Reaman, Cashman Preload Cryogenics, USA, explain why full containment LNG storage tanks should be the preferred choice for plant operators over single or double containment alternatives.

The best of both
Michael Drewes, Germany, and Tushar Patel, USA, Atlas Copco Gas and Process, discuss how companders can help to solve diverse challenges in small scale LNG operations.

Up to standard
Gobind Khiani, GAPV Inc., and David Bayreuther, Metso Flow Control (soon to be Neles), explain the importance of understanding the limitations and impacts of different industry standards when selecting cryogenic valves.

An unbroken safety chain
Andrzej Janowski, MSA – The Safety Company, Poland, examines some of the ways to maximise safety and mitigate risk factors throughout the entire LNG production and distribution chain.

The changing mooring environment
Dustin Heins, Samson, USA, outlines the critical need for more stringent safety evaluations of new mooring line products, in order to ensure safe and successful operations.

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