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June 2019

The June 2019 issue of LNG Industry features an in-depth regional report on Latin America and the Caribbean by Haynes and Boone CDG, LLP. In addition to this, it includes a number of technical articles on various topics, including: liquefaction terminals; gas pretreatment; valves; safety innovations; and more.

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LNG news

Latin America and the Caribbean in focus
Myles Mantle, Andreas Silcher and Chrysa Kitsou, Haynes and Boone CDG, LLP, UK, provide a regional report on the LNG industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

A question of scope and extent
Samik Mukherjee and Don Hill, McDermott International, Inc., USA, review modularisation options and applications in the context of new liquefaction projects.

Beyond what the eye can see
Steven Fulk, Clayton E. Jones and Ralph H. Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, USA, examine factors that can affect data collected by thermal cameras, and compare the temperature profiles of CO2 absorbers in LNG plants with results from simulations.

Designing flexible LNG plants
Jonathan Berg, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., USA, discusses the design of flexible LNG plants for market adaption.

LNG’s ultimate line of defence
Robert Walker, Severn Glocon Group, UK, outlines the key features of high integrity pressure protection systems and the critical role they play in the LNG industry.

Protecting personnel properly
Fred Gossen Jr., Hallwood Modular, USA, analyses the risks associated with working in LNG facilities and outlines the mitigating legislation in place to protect personnel.

Don’t light my fire
Wayne Beare, Safehouse Australia, discusses the use of pressurised habitats to control ignition sources across the LNG supply chain.

Pushing the limits of storage
John A. Schlosberg, Corban Energy Group, USA, presents a case study on the provision of an LNG storage solution for a power plant in equatorial Africa.

Making the big decisions
Bob Watson, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, reviews the foundation options that are available for large scale above-ground facilities and the factors that go in to making this selection.

The cold truth about LNG processing
Carlos Arevalo, RegO, USA, provides a guide to specifying LNG filling and storage systems for safer and more reliable LNG operations.

15 facts on... Latin America and the Caribbean

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