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June 2015

This issue of LNG Industry looks at the latest developments at the Aqaba LNG terminal in Jordan, as well as SCT&E LNG’s liquefaction project on Monkey Island, Cameron Parish, Louisiana, US. Other topics in this issue include FLNG, valves and marine coatings.

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LNG to grow in Sub-Saharan Africa
Fiona King, The Energy Industries Council (EIC), UK, provides an overview of LNG activities in Africa.

Securing supplies to Jordan
Howard McDonagh, BAM International, Jordan, provides an overview of the onshore and offshore structures, and MEP systems needed for the Aqaba LNG Project.

Marine environment innovations
Des Gallagher, John Holland, Australia, considers how to overcome technical and logistical challenges in marine LNG environments.

The future of US LNG
Greg Michaels, SCT&E LNG, USA, introduces the company’s Monkey Island Project in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

On the frontier of FLNG
Alessandro Baldanzi, Alessandro Dolci and Oriano Zucchi, GE Oil & Gas, look at how FLNG projects are revolutionising natural gas production.

Choosing the right compressor
Isao ‘Zac’ Zukeran, J. Simpson and J. Baranowski, Kobelco Compressors America Inc., USA, consider the advantages of oil-injected screw gas compressors for floating LNG applications.

FLNG + GBS = a happy marriage
Arne Børrehaug and Henning Midttun, Aker Solutions, Norway, highlight the advantages of a nearshore LNG facility that can export gas from an onshore gas field.

Floating applications on the rise
Christopher Campos, Ebara International Corp., Cryodynamics Division, USA, takes a look at the acceleration of floating applications in the LNG industry.

Behind the design
Adnan Ezzarhouni, Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT), France, outlines how a sump well design can be used to increase LNG tank asset monetisation.

Relieving the pressure
Jean-Paul Boyer, Pentair Valves & Controls, looks at the critical role of pressure relief valves in LNG storage applications.

How much is too much?
John Lunde, Crane ChemPharma & Energy, USA, reviews valve industry seat leak rate standards and how they relate to check valve selection and specifications.

The challenge for valves
Loïc Boussault, KSB, France, examines the technical development of specific valves for the LNG industry.

Preparing for polar operations
Christophe Cheikh, PPG Protective and Marine Coatings, the Netherlands, details the coating challenges of a growing LNG trade.

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