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January 2022

The opening issue of 2022, the January issue of LNG Industry features an in-depth report on Africa’s LNG markets, as well as a multitude of technical articles covering coatings, liquefaction technology, floating LNG, safety technologies, and more. The issue also includes our first Pumps Q&A, which is a must-read.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Energy Capital Vietnam (ECV).

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Africa awash with potential
Victoria Tchen, ICIS, UK, investigates the LNG sector in Africa, and how the continent offers significant potential in both export and import avenues.

Dealing with rejection
Christopher Ott, Justin Bukowski, Russell Shnitser, and Jerry Dunn, Air Products, USA, explain the steps to select the best nitrogen removal for an LNG plant.

The art of detection
Kevin Dean, MSA Safety, UK, describes how to improve the probability of detecting LNG leaks, by using laser open path gas detectors.

Bankable LNG power in Vietnam
Barry Weisblatt, Energy Capital Vietnam, USA, looks at how foreign investment can achieve project bankability in Vietnam, a country that is swiftly becoming one of the most attractive energy markets in Asia.

Pumps Q&A
Featuring CRYOSTAR SAS, Elliott Group, and Vanzetti Engineering.

Answer to the corrosion conundrum?
Bruce Toews (USA), Neil Wilds (UK), and Johnny C. Pourciau (USA), Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine, look at how coating additives can enhance corrosion protection before and during service.

Protective barriers from low to high°C
Romuald Machac, Hutchinson, South Korea, details the importance of insulation and barriers for the LNG market to ensure safety and longevity.

Bunker up!
Björn van de Weerdhof and Wouter van der Veen, Anthony Veder, the Netherlands, offer some valuable insights for the future of bunkering LNG and alternative fuels.

A new doorway to energy
S. Flora, Gastrade SA, Greece, details the plans for a new LNG terminal in the north of Greece, and discusses the ways in which it will benefit the country as well as Southeastern Europe.

15 facts on... Africa

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