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January 2021

The January issue of LNG Industry includes a regional report addressing the trends and activities in emerging markets, as well as a multitude of technical articles covering software, LNG as fuel, tugs and towage, coating technologies, and more. The issue also includes our first Compressors Q&A, which is a must-read.

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On the road to recovery
Justin Tan (Singapore), Stirling Leech (Brazil), Enrique Jr Garza Tello (Mexico), Devika Khanna (Greece), and Nefeli Lamprou (UK), Clyde & Co LLP, examine some of the trends and activity in emerging LNG markets that are driving the industry’s recovery from COVID-19.

Flexibility is the future
Aditya Aggarwal, ABS, USA, outlines how enabling very large ethane carriers to transition to carrying LNG cargoes can provide additional operational flexibility to owners in the future.

Good bye to greenhouse gases
Dr. Ory Zik, Qnergy, USA, describes how methane emissions can be reduced from bleeding pneumatic devices.

A whole new world
Waldir Junior Pimentel, Hexagon, the Netherlands, explores how EPC companies in the LNG industry are preparing themselves to face and adapt to the post-pandemic world.

Digitalisation of the waters
Nuri On, NAPA, South Korea, addresses current optimisation technology to enable shipping routes and operations to become optimised and increasingly energy-efficient.

Compressors Q&A
Featuring Burckhardt Compression, Elliott Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Oil & Gas Division, and SIAD Macchine Impianti.

The evolution of Canadian LNG
Rafael Riva, Lloyd’s Register, the Americas, looks at some of the factors behind Canada’s LNG growth and examines challenges, benefits, and considerations in this market.

Keep the fouling at bay
Erik Risberg and Helle Vines Ertsås, Jotun A/S, Norway, consider the coating challenges for LNG carriers, and the importance of a clean hull.

Cut hidden towage costs
Marinus Jansen, Rotortug B.V., the Netherlands, explains how current designs can help cut hidden towage costs.

Optimise your operations
Kenichi Matsuoka, Azbil Corp., Japan, and David Hill, CHEMSTATIONS Corp., USA, discuss dynamic simulation and process control applications in relation to the LNG process chain applications in relation to the LNG process chain.

15 facts on... Emerging Markets

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