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January 2020

The January 2020 issue of LNG Industry includes a detailed report on emerging markets, as well as a number of technical articles, covering topics such as small scale LNG, liquefaction technology, transfer systems, LNG tanks and shipping.

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LNG news

New customers for a new decade
Bernadette Cullinane and Nye Hill, Deloitte, Australia, discuss the growing importance of emerging markets in the global LNG industry.

The cutting edge of design
Björn Munko, TGE Marine, Germany, takes a look at new designs in Type C tanks.

Achieving top efficiency on short trips
Ville Parpala, Yaskawa Environmental Energy/The Switch, Finland, discusses how small LNG tankers can operate at top efficiency when their trips are short and intermittent.

Driving efficiency
Aaron Stephenson, Cheniere, USA, explains the importance of driving efficiency through debottlenecking and optimisation.

The world of jettyless energy transfer
Jane K. G. Kristiansen, Connect LNG, Norway, explains why jettyless energy transfer is the future.

Keep on trucking
José Miguel Moreno Blanes, Naturgy, Spain, presents an innovative solution to supply LNG to small and medium scale hard-to-reach areas.

Onto greener pastures
Johnnie Keen and Tim Cuttance, Aker Solutions, UK, discuss greenhouse gas mitigation methods for LNG production and identify the steps required to meet stringent greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Optimising mid scale LNG
Nimalan Gnanendran, Australia, and John Baguley, USA, LNG Limited, explain how mid scale LNG trains with combined cycle heat integration can increase plant efficiency and reduce carbon emissions while remaining cost-competitive.

Time for a novel design
Jorn M. Jonas, LNT Marine, Norway, outlines how a new variety of novelly designed LNG fuel tanks can meet the latest requirements of the shipping industry.

A new gravitational concept
Natalia Zubenko, GTT, France, presents the case for gravity-based structure technology as an innovative infrastructure concept for the LNG supply chain.

Staying on trend
Patrick Janssens, ABS, China, explores how choices for main propulsion and containment systems remain the fundamental drivers of innovation in LNG carrier design trends as LNG trading becomes increasingly flexible.

15 facts on... Emerging Markets

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