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January 2019

The January 2019 issue of LNG Industry kicks off the year with a regional report on the Mediterranean. It also includes a number of technical articles on a range of topics, including small scale LNG, liquefaction technology, transfer systems, LNG tanks, and simulation.

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LNG news

A shallow water mooring solution
David Waronoff and Arun Duggal, SOFEC, USA, consider the Tower Yoke Mooring system as a solution which can bring LNG storage and regasification technology closer to areas of LNG demand.

Shaping up nicely
Daejun Chang, LATTICE Technology, South Korea, presents a pressure vessel solution for LNG storage and LNG cargoes.

Steady the ship
Lorenz Claes, GTT, France, and Mei Rongbing, DSIC, China, discuss the benefits of a ballast-free LNG carrier design.

Forming a figurehead for change
Frank Harteveld, Wärtsila Gas Solutions, Julien Bec, GTT, and Rolf Stiefel, WinGD, describe how three industry leaders have joined forces to promote LNG as a marine fuel.

Permanent magnet technology – reliable and eco-friendly
Jussi Puranen and Ville Parpala, Yaskawa Environmental Energy / The Switch, Finland, outline the benefits of diesel-electric propulsion over diesel-mechanical propulsion for LNG vessels.

Unleashing the full potential of LNG
David Mikal Knutsen, Connect LNG, Norway, presents a new floating LNG transfer system.

Quenching the thirst for optimisation
Vinai Misra, Woodward, USA, explains how to improve quench control for refrigeration compressors.

A small step forward for LNG
Björn Munko, TGE Marine, Germany, presents a small scale FSRU solution to supply LNG to remote locations.

Combining rupture discs and safety valves
Orhan Karagöz, REMBE, Germany, takes a detailed look at the isolation and protection of safety valves using rupture discs on upstream and downstream connections.

The digital twin as a digital transformation enabler
Hans Kouwer and Erika Gracés, Hexagon PPM, the Netherlands, discuss how digitalisation and the digital twin concept can help LNG facility owners embark on a digital transformation journey and create intelligence from their data.

15 facts on... The Mediterranean

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