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February 2021

The February issue of LNG Industry provides a regional report focused on Europe’s position in the global LNG marketplace, as well as a range of informative articles covering small scale LNG, reliquefaction technology, LNG tanks, bunkering, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Schenk Tanktransport BV.

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Europe's pivotal role in the global LNG market
Nina Howell and Adam Quigley, Bracewell, UK, evaluate Europe’s place in the global LNG marketplace and consider what might be in store for European LNG in 2021.

Big things have small beginnings
Kit Yu, VPower, Hong Kong, describes the arrival and associated technology of a small scale LNG carrier at a regasification plant in Myanmar.

Perks to downsizing
Marika Venturi, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, Italy, details the development of a small scale LNG service to be provided from a current terminal.

Energy sustainability to island regions
Jane K.G. Kristiansen, Connect LNG, Norway, elaborates on how European energy infrastructure is being facilitated through public funding and floating marine infrastructure.

Protection of LNG processes
Claire Lloyd, REMBE GmbH Safety + Control, Germany, reviews the benefits of integrating pressure relief valves and rupture discs to create combination devices that can be used to protect high-value LNG assets and processes.

Leading the way with LNG
Capt. Rajeev Rampal, AET Tankers, Singapore, provides an overview of the LNG bunkering process and highlights continued growth of LNG as an important marine fuel for the future.

An important delivery
Saunak Rai, FueLNG, Singapore, outlines some potential design solutions to allow the efficient delivery of LNG as a marine fuel.

Turning the tide of alternative marine fuels
Dahlia Rifai, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions (TMFGS), France, evaluates LNG as a marine fuel, describes its development, and discusses the construction and recent chartering of the LNG bunker vessel Gas Agility.

Turning back time
Kjetil Sjølie Strand, LNT Marine, Norway, considers how refurbishing insulation systems for spherical LNG carrier tanks can boost energy conservation and facilitate hassle-free operations.

Engineering, behind the scenes
Sosthene Gasaba, SENER Engineering, Spain, considers the relevant optimisation in LNG tank detail engineering.

Streamlining the system
Andrew Scott, Business Development Director, Babcock LGE, Scotland, details the safety and operational aspects of a new LNG reliquefaction system.

Flaring for the future
Clay Anderson, Zeeco Inc., USA, discusses the latest developments in liquid flaring solutions for LNG facilities.

15 facts on... Europe and the Mediterranean

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