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February 2016

This issue of LNG Industry looks at LNG storage tanks, LNG transfer, insulation, pumps and valves. The regional report from Douglas-Westwood offers a forecast of the LNG market to 2020, with a particular focus on developments in Asia.

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A shift in focus
Mark Adeosun, Douglas-Westwood, UK, offers a forecast for the LNG market to 2020, with a particular emphasis on developments in Asia.

Selective C5+ removal for lean feed gas
Trevor Smith and Shain Doong, Honeywell UOP, USA, present a highly selective multilayer adsorbent process to remove C5+ hydrocarbons.

Keeping the noise down
Sonia Patricia Garza Sonnier, KBR, USA, explains the importance of implementing noise control at an early stage in LNG liquefaction plants.

Fit for service
Rama Challa, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, presents a lifecycle assessment process for large cryogenic storage tanks.

Working under pressure
Arthur Barret, Gaztransport & Technigaz (GTT), France, explains why operating membrane LNG tanks at a greater pressure can be advantageous under certain conditions.

Removing the bottleneck
Miriam Wennberg, Connect LNG, Norway, looks at how technological innovation is necessary for the expanding small scale LNG sector to flourish.

Improving the interface
Dave Pendleton, Trelleborg Marine Systems, UK, explains how early interface management can improve LNG transfer efficiency.

Balancing act
Johan Sentjens, Temati, the Netherlands, explains why balancing traditional methods with modern innovation is the key to success when dealing with cryogenic insulation.

Logical thinking
Ted Berglund and Joe Hughes, Dyplast, USA, examine the complexity surrounding insulant performance at cryogenic temperatures.

The bigger picture
Simon Smith and Christopher Finley, Ebara International Corp., USA, explain why it is important to look at the overall efficiency of submerged motor pumps and not pump hydraulic efficiency alone.

The value of valves
Ross Waters and Kevin Niebergall, CGIS, Canada, introduce innovative valve technologies for liquefaction plants.

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