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December 2018

The December issue of LNG Industry includes articles on a number of different topics, including insulation, small – mid scale LNG, and gas pretreatment. It also includes an in depth article on the global LNG outlook for 2019.

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LNG news

Advancing efficiency and meeting demand
Jooil Kim, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Republic of Korea, describes the development of increasingly efficient LNG carriers and introduces a new fuel gas supply system.

More safety, moor safely
Junaid Makda, Nylacast, UK, addresses the issue of increasing mooring rope protection and safety without compromising on efficiency or movement of payloads.

Something worth moving mountains for
Arne Berndt, SoundPLAN International LLC, USA, and SoundPLAN GmbH, Germany, examines how to successfully plan to mitigate noise at every stage of an LNG project.

Out of the clear blue sky
Maurizio Ciofini, Baker Hughes, a GE company, Italy, presents a new turbine for the LNG industry that has a background in the aviation industry.

MLI: savings, safety, solutions
Anatoli Kogan, Lydall, USA, outlines the importance of keeping health and environmental safety in mind when investing in cryogenic insulation solutions.

LNG: a marine fuel for the future
Jos Glorie, Cryonorm Systems BV, the Netherlands, evaluates the value of LNG as a marine fuel and outlines Cryonorm’s latest marine fuel system solution.

Bringing LNG into the digital age
Chris Dagnall, DNV GL, UK, explains how digitalisation can help deliver condition monitoring and asset management.

The human factor
Louise Cracknell, Sofis, UK, discusses the importance of ‘human factors engineering’ and the rising demand for portable valve actuation.

Three is the key to reliability
Henry Chua, Emerson Automation Solutions, Singapore, discusses the utilisation of triple offset valve technology to tackle future LNG demands with reliable operations.

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