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August 2021

The August issue of LNG Industry features a regional report exploring the LNG sector in Latin and South America, as well as a variety of technical articles covering small scale LNG, software and solutions, LNG distribution, plant maintenance, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by STS Marine Solutions.

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Activity underway in the Americas
Ruth Liao, ICIS, USA, explores the LNG sector in Latin and South America, considering how historic drought has boosted LNG demand in the Americas.

The butterfly effect
Scott Jago, STS Marine Solutions Ltd, UK, outlines the root causes of LNG composite hose failures and the procedures to elimate this risk.

Age is just a number
Bo Andersen and Marina Silva, Integrated Global Services, Inc., USA, detail an online CUI solution for ageing LNG plants, where production is maintained during critical maintenance.

So long sulfur
Kevin Young, Johnson Matthey, USA, explains the technology behind a new high capacity sulfur absorbent which aims to advance performance and reduce process costs.

Putting Spain on the LNG map
Francisco Maza Luque, Repsol, Spain, takes a look at the innovations that are helping to make Spain the first port of call for LNG bunkering operations.

Fitting the right engine
Pádraig Kelleher, MAN Energy Solutions, Denmark, details the technology behind a new, low-speed, dual-fuel engine designed for LNG carriers.

Calibration is the key
Dean Standiford, VSL, the Netherlands, explains how insulating a flowmeter can affect the flowmeter temperature measurement value and how this can affect the mass flow output.

Digital twins for A to B
Haavard Oestensen and Andreas Jagtøyen, Kongsberg Digital, Norway, explain how the complexities of a volatile LNG market can be navigated with digital twins.

Real-life training in a virtual world
Gregory Sudwoj, WinGD, Switzerland, discusses the importance of virtual seafarer training for the safe and effective operation of LNG vessels.

Visualise the data
Catie Williams, InEight Construction Software, USA, looks at the best practices for visualising data to help communicate information in a clear and effective way.

All aboard the blue train
Nim Gnanendran Ph.D., NimblEng Energy Consultants, Australia, explains why mid scale LNG trains are an ideal size for the development of blue LNG concepts.

Fuel for thought
Harrison Thomas, Gasrec, UK, looks at how bio-LNG and bio-CNG are driving the transition towards cleaner, greener transport.

15 facts on... Latin and South America

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