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August 2008

On this month's cover: According to fuel economics and availability, MAN Diesel’s 1 MW per cylinder 51/60DF dual fuel engine can switch from gaseous to liquid fuel and back at any load. The 51/60DF range comprises 6, 7, 8 and 9 cylinder inline versions and 12, 14, 16, and 18 cylinder vee versions.

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Editor's Comment
Editor's Comment

LNG news
LNG news

Looking Westwards
Ng Weng Hoong, LNG Industry Correspondent, reports on why Asian and Middle Eastern consumers are looking to Western traders for LNG supplies.

A Balancing Act
Otto Waterlander, Thomas Schlaak and Robert Oushoorn, Booz and Company, The Netherlands and Germany, take an in-depth look at the world gas supply and demand balance.

The Rundown on Refinancing
Euan Pinkerton, White & Case LLP, UK, provides an overview of the 2007 refinancing of SEGAS.

Fuel Gas Scenarios
Augusto Bulte, Foster Wheeler Iberia SA, describes boil off gas utilisation in power production.

A Terminal’s Story
Eddy Wheeler, CB&I UK Limited, UK, describes CB&I’s part in the Isle of Grain LNG Terminal’s history.

Dynamic Simulation from Wellheads to LNG Terminals
P. Thiabaud, F. Rey and J. Tourdjman, RSI, discuss the contribution of dynamic simulation to the LNG supply chain.

Evolving Systems
Michael Irlam and Simon Wilson, Trelleborg Harbour Marine, Australia, give an overview of STS docking aid systems.

Feeling Prestressed?
Nadir Afif and Mathias Kaminski, Freyssinet, France, explore cryogenic prestressing for LNG tanks derived from nuclear energy.

Cryogenic Plates for the LNG Industry
Gernot Heigl, Armin Edlinger, Martin Egger and Ernst Pissenberger, Voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Austria, present an improved production method of 9% nickel heavy plates for the LNG industry.

Propelling into the Future
Alexander Harsema-Mensonides, MPT Consulting, Sweden, discusses carrier propulsion technology.

Safe, not Sorry
Karl Lumbers, UK P&I Club, looks at methods for safe and efficient LNG transportation.

Process Critical Compressors
Naoki Akamo, Kobe Steel, Ltd, Japan, discusses BOG compressor applications.

Fuel of the Future
Claire Rivollier, Philippe Fauvel and Philippe Heisch, Cryostar SAS, France, look at LNG as a fuel for vehicles and the role of small scale LNG plants.

The Right Valve for the Job
Kevin Fretwell, Bestobell Valves, UK, looks at cryogenic valve selection in LNG applications.

Profiling Pumps
Vittorio Zurletti, Vanzetti Engineering, Italy, reviews innovative modular pumping systems.

Terminal Review
Terminal Review

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