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April 2021

The April issue of LNG Industry includes a regional report how the US can stay competitive, as well as a multitude of technical articles covering compressor technology, pipelines, loading arms, maintenance and monitoring, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Atlas Copco Gas and Process.

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A new chapter for US LNG
Alex Dewar, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), USA, looks at how decarbonisation could lead US LNG in a new direction and help it remain competitive in the global market.

The next big disruptor
Sarah Bairstow, Mexico Pacific Limited, Australia, reviews the emergence of North American LNG onto the global LNG stage and makes the case for Mexico to play a significant role in the future.

How to create a masterpiece
Tushar Patel, Atlas Copco Gas and Process, USA, explains how high-pressure boil-off gas compression can meet the LNG market’s need for reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

Safety starts on the drawing board
Chris Vandecasteele, Gaz-Opale, France, outlines how the Dunkirk LNG terminal can be considered a model of safety in the LNG world.

Taking measurement technology to the max
Sebastian Harbig, Vega, Germany, outlines the role of measurement technology in the LNG industry and how investing in state-of-the-art solutions can help LNG plant operators maximise their performance.

Check for a bumpy ride
Reinaldo Pinto and Ben Keiser, Applied Flow Technology, USA, explain the importance of flow and surge analysis in LNG plants.

With time comes wisdom
David J. Fish, Senior Vice President, Welker, Inc., USA, provides an overview of LNG sampling systems and their streamlined evolution over recent years.

Give it a little lift
Raphaël Poichot, Technip Energies Loading Systems, France, details how ship-to-ship LNG transfer has surpassed challenges and advanced operations.

Conform with the letter of the law
Pierre Barere and Gilles Tissot, Opta-Periph SAS, France, address the suitability criteria of LNG probes/vaporisers and autosamplers, ensuring they comply with international standards.

Staying ahead with Industrie 4.0
Jonas Berge, Emerson Automation Solutions, Singapore, discusses how LNG plants can embrace a new era of automation as the fourth industrial revolution comes to pass.

Myriads of modules
Gobind N Khiani MEng PEng, GAPV Inc., Canada, and Robert Weyer, Amesk Corp., Australia, assess how operations can stay uninterrupted by modularisation in LNG plants, addressing valves in particular.

15 facts on... the USA

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