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Editorial comment

Regular readers of Hydrocarbon Engineering will have noticed increased coverage of hydrogen technology and applications within the magazine over the past couple of years. It’s clear that this burgeoning sector of our industry is viewed as a key piece of the global energy transition strategy, and we have seen significant interest from our readers, contributors and advertisers recently.

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In light of this, I am delighted to announce that Palladian Publications will be launching a brand new publication dedicated to the hydrogen sector this spring. Global Hydrogen Review will focus on the entire spectrum of hydrogen production and applications – from grey and brown to blue and green. Each issue will be packed full of quality keynote articles, detailed case studies and in-depth technical articles from industry experts, highlighting the latest market trends and innovations within the sector. In addition to covering the entire ‘rainbow’ of hydrogen production, other regular topics will include infrastructure & distribution, safety & sustainability, storage, technology advances, and much more.

Our first issue is currently in production and I’m pleased to reveal that we have an excellent line up of articles from leading experts in the hydrogen sector. While I can’t say too much right now, you can expect to read articles on topics including the current status of blue hydrogen (and its role in the energy transition); options for ensuring security of supply; how the transport sector can grow its use of hydrogen; the challenge of integrity management of hydrogen pipelines; the role of simulation in driving value across the market; the use of compression technologies within the sector; and much more. The issue will also include a keynote article examining how to turn the hydrogen debate into tangible market growth.

We’re offering all readers of Hydrocarbon Engineering a free subscription to Global Hydrogen Review. So if you’re interested in keeping abreast of the latest developments in the sector, please register for your free copy by visiting Or you can scan the QR code at the bottom of this page.

And while you’re waiting for the first issue to hit your inbox, please head over to our new website – – for the latest industry news, technical content and event information. Global Hydrogen Review will provide a platform for the industry to share knowledge and advance the development of hydrogen as a clean energy solution. If you have a technical article or case study that you’d like to share, please get in touch using the contact information on the left of this page. And why not join our LinkedIn Showcase page, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

In the meantime, please enjoy this issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering, which includes a special focus on another growing sector of our industry: plastics recycling technology. Other topics in this issue include alternative feedstocks, petrochemical manufacturing, separation technology, instrumentation, and our annual review of the latest sulfur technologies and services.

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