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UPDATE: TAEP urges US LNG exports

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In a letter to President Obama, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers (TAEP) has asked for the pending export permits of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US to be quickly approved. The TAEP also urge Obama to support legislation in the Congress that also would allow exports of LNG.

Townes G. Pressler, Chairman of TAEP, said: “The crisis situation in Ukraine is of grave importance and impacts our national security. It centres around the dependence of Ukraine and much of Europe on natural gas imports from Russia.  Natural gas from the US could be used to compete with Russian gas.”

Natural has urgency

A letter from the Visegrad Group (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic) – to US leaders highlights the urgency of obtaining other sources of natural gas quickly.

“Despite significant diversification efforts, our dependence on natural gas imports from a single supplier [Russia] is still anywhere between 70 - 100% in the region and the gas crises of 2006 and 2009 have shown that the region is more vulnerable to energy security risks than most of the European countries.”

The letter continued: “With the current shale gas revolution in the United States, American companies are seeking to export gas, including to Europe. But the existing bureaucratic hurdles for the approval of the export licenses to non-FTA countries like the Visegrad countries are a major hurdle. As a recent report of the House Energy and Commerce Committee highlighted, the US now has a window of opportunity to act.

“The presence of US natural gas would be much welcome in Central and Eastern Europe, and Congressional action to expedite LNG exports to America’s allies would come at a critically important time for the region. Furthermore US export of LNG would not only meet the energy security challenge of the Visegrad countries but that of the wider region as well.”

Pressler added: “The seriousness of the Russian aggression demands that all diplomatic and economic tools be used to diminish Russia’s threats to the energy supply reductions and pricing increases.”

The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers represents more than 3300 independent oil and gas producers in Texas.

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