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RMI Registry remains top choice for gas carriers

LNG Industry,

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry has registered over 150 gas carriers since the first gas carrier registration in 1997.

As of the 31 July 2014, there were 120 active gas carriers in the RMI fleet, comprising of 53 LPG, 65 LNG and two LNG/LPG carriers. Over 15% of the world’s gas carrier fleet, in terms of cubic metres, is registered with the RMI.

International Registries, Inc. (IRI) and its affiliates provide administrative and technical support to the RMI Registry, and have hired an expert to better support the gas carrier market. Captain Warren Kedenburg, LNG Advisor, joined the company in July, and is based in Japan. Eric Linser, who joined the Registry’s New York office in 2011, is an LNG/LPG Specialist.

Japanese shipyards

Masaharu Okamoto, IRI’s Chief Representative in Tokyo, commented: “While 75% of the gas carriers in the RMI Registry were built in yards in Korean, Japan and China, more than 25% of the Registry’s gas carriers were delivered from yards located in Japan.

“Having a liaison like Warren [Kedenburg] working locally with the owners, classification societies, and yards in Japan and Asia is in furtherance of the Registry’s initiative to more efficiently service clients.”

Bill Gallagher, President of IRI, added: “Capt. Kedenburg was the Master of the LNG Taurus for nearly two decades before he came ashore in 2000, which is when the LNG Taurus joined the RMI Registry. We are pleased that Warren has joined the Registry; with his experience at sea and in the development, planning and execution of LNG projects, coupled with Eric’s development of international gas carrier regulations, we have a very sophisticated and experienced team.”

The RMI Registry works closely with owners and operators: “We intend to leverage our experience and ongoing reputation for quality to contribute to the future development of the gas carrier industry,” Gallagher concluded.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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