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US election campaign energy discussion

LNG Industry,

API President and CEO Jack Gerard announced API’s ‘Vote4Energy’ campaign to encourage voters to make energy an important issue in this year’s election and to get US energy policy on the right track.

‘It’s going to take more than tweaking current policies at the margins,’ Gerard said in a speech delivered on 4th January at the Newseum in the nation’s capital. ‘It’s going to take a course correction. We must engage the American people on these issues and make energy an important part of our national debate this year.’

Gerard said that the State of American energy can be strengthened, brining more benefits to Americans. API supports policies that can keep millions of Americans at work and generate a million new jobs in the near term, produce billions of dollars in additional government revenue, and improve our energy security.

Sound policies should encourage all forms of energy. ‘We must abandon energy rhetoric that pits one resource against another,’ Gerard said. ‘We need all of our resources, oil and natural gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, biofuels and more. Only through smart, realistic deployment of all of America’s energy assets can we realise our goal of keeping this country energy secure.’

 API worked last year to encourage consideration of energy issues in policy discussions in several early primary states. Gerard said this election year is the perfect opportunity to continue and enlarge that discussion. He said ‘Vote4Energy’ will ‘help Americans understand what’s at stake and why energy issues should figure prominently in their voting decisions.’

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