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FLEX carriers to use ME-GI engines

LNG Industry,

FLEX LNG has reached an agreement with Samsung Heavy Industries to convert the propulsion system for two LNG carriers from dual-fuel diesel engine (DFDE) to the 2-stroke slow speed ME-GI main engines.

The change will result in an increase in the yard price of the vessels thanks to the change in specification, which includes the deployment of the new engine system and exhaust gas treatment for compliance with new emissions regulations. The changes will also result in 0.09% boil-off rate to maintain speed flexibility, and a ballast water treatment system.

The price increase is to be paid by FLEX on delivery. The expected delivery dates of the vessels have been postponed from 1Q17 to 1Q/2Q18.

For a typical long haul trade, the new efficient LNG carrier design with ME-GI engines will have an average daily fuel consumption (gas and fuel oil) approximately 25% lower than the DFDE LNG carrier design. This corresponds to a saving of more than 25 tpd of fuel in HFO equivalents.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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