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Danish oil production to fall by 8% in 2012

LNG Industry,

According to Danish energy officials, Denmark is to stick to its forecast of an 8% decline in oil production for 2012 compared to the previous year’s figures.

The current forecast will see Denmark producing 11.8 million m3 (approximately 203 000 bbls) of oil. The figure is roughly 2% up on the forecast given a year ago, but remains unchanged from the more recent figures given in December of last year.

The Danish Energy Agency has predicted that production from Denmark’s North Sea fields will decline in 2013 to 11 million m3, then fall further to 9.6 million m3 in 2014-15 before rising again to 11.7 million m3 in 2017.

Danish gas production has also been predicted to decline over the coming years. The figure is set to fall by 23% in 2012 to a total of 4.3 billion m3 and then further to 3.5 billion m3 in 2013.




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