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Skangas to become Gasum

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The energy company Gasum increased its shareholding in the LNG company Skangas from 70% to 100% in October 2018. The acquisition forms part of Gasum’s strategy, a core element of which is to develop the Nordic gas market and the LNG infrastructure. Following the integration process, Skangas is due to be renamed ‘Gasum’. This will take place by 3 December 2018 at the latest.

The name change will strengthen the Gasum brand in the Nordic countries and the position of Gasum as the leading provider of LNG in the region.

All Skangas companies will be renamed to Gasum, whilst retaining their business ID codes and contact details. (E.g. Skangas AS will become Gasum AS; Skangas Oy will become Gasum LNG Oy; etc.)

The name change will take place in Norway, Sweden and Finland at the latest by 3 December 2018, subsequent to each country’s registry offices’ approval.

Once the changes come into force, customers and other stakeholders will be duly notified of the change.

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