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VIDEO: House urges support of US LNG exports

LNG Industry,

The US House of Representatives yesterday began the debate of H.R. 6, the Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act. The legislation is a bipartisan solution to expedite the export of US natural gas to American allies by eliminating red tape and forcing the Department of Energy to issue timely approvals.

By increasing the export of natural gas, the US could create hundreds of thousands of jobs and improve the country’s trade balance while reducing its allies’ dependence on hostile exporters such as Russia.

Bipartisan members took to the House floor to advertise the domestic and geopolitical benefits of US LNG exports and expressed strong support for the bill. Rep. Cory Gardner, author of H.R 6, launched the debate, stating: “It’s a sensible and workable solution to the current regulatory bottleneck. It’s an answer to a call from our allies for energy security. It is time to help our friends abroad. It is time to create jobs here at home.”

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman, Fred Upton, added: “Because of advances in technology and innovation, we are now entering a new era of abundance, and America is emerging as an energy superpower. We can enjoy the domestic benefits of being an energy superpower while also projecting our influence as a force for good abroad. The Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act allows us to do both. This commonsense bill says yes to jobs and yes to energy.”

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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