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WesPac Midstream files application to export LNG

LNG Industry,

WesPac Midstream has filed an application for a 25-year LNG export licence to the National Energy Board (NEB). The company is seeking permission to export up to 3 million tpa of LNG from the Tilbury LNG plant in Delta, British Columbia, to foreign markets such as Asia, the US, Central America and South America.

Woodfibre LNG

No capital cost was provided, however construction could commence as early as 2015, the company said. In addition to WesPac, Woodfibre LNG is planning a small-scale export terminal in the Squamish area. Woodfibre LNG received NEB approval in December 2013 for its licence to export 2.1 million tpa of LNG.

There are now 15 B.C. LNG export projects in the pipeline, with the majority focused on terminals to be built in the northwest of the province.

Tilbury LNG plant

WesPac plans to use the existing LNG facility on Tilbury Island, where FortisBC currently has capacity to liquefy up to 4.24 million ft3/d of gas. The plant, which has been in operation since 1971, is used to supply gas to customers in the Lower Mainland during periods of peak demand. Delta Mayor, Lois Jackson, recently gave support to FortisBC’s CAN$ 400 million expansion plans, which will boost LNG storage and output at the Tilbury plant.

Application extracts

“LNG is currently produced at the Tilbury LNG plant for sale in both local British Columbia markets and regional markets, including truck-based exports to the United States by other parties.”

“Obtaining the requested licence is an important step in the development of the WesPac LNG Marine Terminal and further expansion of LNG export production capacity at the Tilbury LNG plant.”

“Subject to the receipt of all necessary permits and approvals, construction of the WesPac LNG Marine Terminal is scheduled to begin in 2015, with completion targeted for late 2016.”

NEB approvals

To date, the NEB has approved 11 LNG export applications. Nine of these projects are proposed for British Columbia, while two will have terminals in Oregon.

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