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Coke oven gas-produced LNG project complete

LNG Industry,

The world’s largest coke oven gas-produced liquefied natural gas (LNG) project has been completed and put into operation.

On 6th January, facilities of the composite utilisation project that will reduce coke oven gas (COG) emissions in Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia, were successfully commissioned. This marks the full production of the Wuhai Huaqi Xilaifeng LNG plant, signifying that China has taken a step forward in the exploration and innovations of COG utilisation.

The project was constructed under the investment of China Natural Gas Corporation Limited, a Kunlun Energy subsidiary. With a total investment of RMB 4.7 billion, the LNG project began construction in April 2011 and was competed at the beginning of January this year.

Economic and environmental benefits
The LNG plant has a capacity to produce 3.77 million m3 of COG and produce 1 million m3 of LNG per day. The economic and environmental benefits of the plant include:

  • Recycling 1.5 billion m3 of COG
  • Producing 250 000 t of LNG
  • Saving 940 000 t of coal
  • Cutting carbon dioxide and sulfur emissions by 1.04 million tpa and 8.2 million tpa respectively.

While China is the largest coke producer in the world, most of the coking enterprises are located far from cities, making it hard to use COG nearby, and even harder to store COG for further use.

Experts estimate that each year, the volume of COG combusted and directly discharged into the air in China is equivalent to over twice the designed transmission capacity of China's ‘west–to-east gas pipeline’. The coke oven gas-produced LNG has resolved this problem for small-to-medium coking enterprises and turned this pollutant into clean energy.

Clean energy development
The coke oven gas-produced LNG has been recognised by the National Development and Reform Commission and other Chinese ministries as a key national project. Wuhai is an important coking base in China, producing 16 million tpa of coke.

The LNG project is part of Kunlun Energy’s efforts to actively respond to national policy for the promotion of clean energy development. It is also a demonstrative project for green development as industries attempt to integrate and use resources from the coal coking industry.

The project is in line with China's macro energy diversification strategy as well as industrial policies of energy saving, emission reduction and resource recycling. It will bring clean LNG to central and western regions of Inner Mongolia and neighboring provinces, and will help to improve the local energy consumption structure.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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