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Queensland launches Reconciliation Action Plan

LNG Industry,

The Queensland Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affair, Glen Elmes, has launched a Queensland Gas Company (QGC) plan to provide economic, social and environmental opportunities for Aboriginal and islander communities within the Australian state.

The Reconciliation Action Plan has been approved by the Reconciliation Australia foundation. The plan sets targets for employment numbers, contracts with indigenous businesses and mentoring schemes between now and 2015. It also includes apprenticeships, traineeships and a cultural awareness training programme for QGC staff.

Eight indigenous groups across the area covered by the company’s Queensland Curtis Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Project have already signed Indigenous Land Use Agreements with QGC that outline responsibilities relating to native titles and cultural heritage.

The agreements are with indigenous people from groups including the Mandandanji, Bigambul, Iman, Wulli Wulli, Wakka Wakka, Barunggam, Cobble Cobble, Jarowair, Western Wakka Wakka, Yiman, Port Curtis Coral Coast and Gangulu and Warrabal groups.

Vocational programmes

As an important part of these agreements, QGC hold training programmes in vocations including drilling and earthmoving. The company is also working to increase the number of business owned by indigenous people, as well as to increase employment prospects for young people.

“This plan enhances our ability to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to find work with us, imporove skills and develop successful business”, commented Derek Fisher, managing director of QGC.

"Development of natural gas will continue to benefit the communities where we work and we now have a clearer view of our future work to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people," Fisher added.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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