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Freeport LNG joins energy coalition

LNG Industry,

Freeport LNG has joined the growing Our Energy Moment (OEM) coalition, a group of businesses and organisations dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the benefits of expanded LNG markets.

Freeport LNG is the 21st organization to join the expanding alliance.

LNG export markets

OEM spokesman, Andrew Ware, commented: “We are pleased that Freeport LNG has joined our growing coalition. OEM looks forward to working together with Freeport and all of our coalition members to expand LNG export markets while reducing our trade deficit in the process. It is our hope that others will realise LNG’s economic and national security benefits for our long-term energy independence.”

“LNG exports can help to diversify energy markets in some vulnerable parts of the world. Their increased energy security increases our national security. In addition, LNG exports represent an incredible opportunity for the US to expand jobs, strengthen its economic security and reduce its trade deficit all the while maintaining a domestic fuel cost advantage for manufacturing,” added Michael Smith, CEO of Freeport LNG.

Game-changing opportunity

“We are pleased to seize this game-changing opportunity and join OEM’s growing coalition to help position the US as a net producer of natural gas in the years to come. This is truly at a defining energy transformation moment and we’re glad to be a part of it,” Smith continued.

Recent studies show that LNG exports are expected to generate as much as US$ 86 billion in net benefits to the US economy and help create up to 2.4 million American jobs by 2035.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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