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LNG Conference to be held in Singapore

LNG Industry,

The 5th World LNG Series: Asia Pacific Summit, which takes place next week, is to be held in Singapore, a focal point of Asia’s trading. Here, industry leaders from over 250 governments and corporations will focus on the changing demand for LNG in the region, discussing plans to make Asia a trading centre as well as discussing supply opportunities.

Countries from all over the globe will be attending, such as the UK, USA, Singapore, France, Australia, China, India, Japan and Mozambique.

Pavilion Energy, a Gold sponsor of LNG Asia, and offshoot of Temasek Holdings, has $1 billion capital to invest in the growing LNG market. The company’s aim will be to increase demand in Asia with a particular focus on LNG.

Pavilion CEO Moon Ming Seah, is expected to deliver an address at the conference where he will be joined at the podium by CEO of Singapore Corporation LNG (SLNG) Neil McGregor.

SLNG controls the first LNG plant in Asia, which both imports and then redistributes supply from multiple parties. This is the Jurong Rock Caverns (3), which opened its operations in May 2013.

Pat Roberts, Associate Director of CWC Group for their gas portfolio, said: “LNG Asia is the right partner for Singapore to build partner relationships with international oil and gas companies. This conference is timely, driven by the fact that we have unprecedented participation from a wide range of speakers and delegates who are coming together to discuss what it will take to drive sustainable growth in the industry. If you want to shape the future of LNG in Asia”, he said, “it is important to be a part of the discussions that will take place next week.”

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