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Parnell defends Alaska LNG project

LNG Industry,

Governor Sean Parnell responded to comments made by Bill Walker regarding the nature of the Alaska LNG Project. In an interview with the Associated Press, Bill Walker claimed that the AK LNG project is “fatally flawed,” and that he might pull the plug on the project if elected.

“It’s disappointing that Bill Walker would jeopardise the historic progress we have made on a natural gas pipeline project,” the Governor said. “What message is Bill sending to the thousands of Alaskans working to advance the AK LNG Project at Pt. Thomson and the hundreds more working across the Interior on engineering and design? Bill should stop putting politics before Alaska jobs and energy security.”

Under Governor Parnell, Alaska is moving forward on AK LNG – a natural gas development project that will get gas to Alaskans by commercialising Alaska’s vast North Slope natural gas reserves. For the first time in history, the state has brought the three major producers and pipeline builder TransCanada into alignment. The structure negotiated by the Parnell administration gives the state full ownership and control of 25% of the pipeline and liquefaction facilities; identifies off-ramps for the state if Alaska’s needs are no longer met by the project; and allows the state to continue with the project should one or all the partners pull out.

“Under my leadership as governor, investors and our potential partners should know that I’ll defend our participation in the AK LNG Project and continue to support the jobs and investment it is generating across our state,” Governor Parnell continued. “Alaska has never been more in control of its own destiny than through the structure of the AK LNG Project.”

Last week, Alaska signed an agreement with potential LNG buyer Japan to explore stronger partnership. The AK LNG project also met major milestones earlier this month by submitting applications for key federal permits.

Adapted from press release by Ted Monroe

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