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Rotork actuators selected for LNG pipeline

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Rotork GO gas-over-oil actuators have been selected for vital failsafe valve control duties on a new cryogenic LNG pipeline in Venezuela.

The San Joaquin Pipeline, owned by Venezuela state oil company PDVSA, transports LNG for the international market between the San Joaquin and Jose cryogenic plants.

Rotork’s actuators operate 26 in., 20 in. and 12 in. ball valves installed in tandem with non-return check valves at six valve stations along the route.

The actuator design uses the pipeline gas as the motive power source, converting the gas into hydraulic pressure to deliver powerful and smooth valve control. Isolating the actuator cylinder from the pipeline gas eliminates potential contamination, corrosion and seal deterioration, extending the life of the actuator. A dedicated pump is utilised in each operating direction to prevent leaking or contamination between the gas-over-oil tanks.  

A multi-function manifold block integrates gas control functions to facilitate a full range of selectable failsafe and emergency shutdown (ESD) options for pipeline events including line break, low pressure close and high differential inhibit. The manifold has the facility for a high-flow hand pump, pressure relief and a locking handle for safe commissioning.

The standard working operating pressure range of the actuators is 10 to 105 barg.

Rotork Controls de Venezuela has fully trained technicians available to provide field services for all ranges of Rotork’s electric and fluid power actuators; the company supports the PDVSA Puerto La Cruz Refinery on a service contract basis.

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