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EU supports Gasum LNG refuelling network

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Gasum is set to commence with a project, studying the opportunities available to develop a new kind of LNG refuelling station network for heavy-duty vehicles since the European Commission has granted the company €2.65 million in financial support.

Introducing liquefied biogas to heavy-duty transport

CNG is currently used to fuel buses and light vehicles. However, the EU support allows for heavy-duty vehicles to have access to natural gas in its liquefied form, LNG. The infrastructure that is currently under construction will also enable the use of liquefied biogas in heavy-duty transport.

Gasum applied for Connecting Europe Facility support in order to explore the opportunities to construct an LNG/L-CNG refuelling station network and the deployment and testing of four pilot stations.

Construction of four pilot stations

The positive financial support decision enables the project to begin and the construction of the pilot refuelling stations in the next two years. The project is expected to reach a total cost of around €5.3 million.

At present, there are 24 public gas vehicle-fuelling stations in Finland, 18 of which are owned by Gasum. With an aim of increasing the number of Gasum-owned stations by 35 in the next ten years, the project will involve the construction of four pilot stations within the TEN-T Core Network – Helsinki, Vantaa, Turku and Jyväskylä – in Finland. Gasum would complete the constructions and it is actively developing the biogas and natural gas filling station network.

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