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LNG export opponents: Update

LNG Industry,

During May 2012, Senator Wyden and Congressman Markey sent a letter to President Obama urging him to develop a policy addressing the export of natural gas and other energy exports. The American Public Gas Association (APGA) has met with both offices several times to discuss LNG exports and has worked with the offices to develop legislation addressing the issue.


The letter

The letter was send on 31st May and communicates that the amount totalled in the current export applications would equate to 26% of daily consumption and that four key determinations should act as guides to determine as to whether LNG exports are in the US’s best interest:

  1. National security.
  2. Energy security.
  3. Economic impacts.
  4. Environmental protection.

The letter continues to urge the President to adopt the above rules and make new policies to govern energy exports through the authority given to him by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975.



The APGA opposes the large scale export of natural gas via LNG. The APGA argue that exportation of significant quantities of domestic natural gas would have adverse implications for domestic consumers of natural gas, for US energy supply and national security. It is also argued that large scale export of LNG will play havoc with the current supply/demand situation and the price of natural gas.

Those opposed to export of LNG have agreed that it is extremely unlikely that legislation addressing this issue will pass Congress, however, the issue does receive attention from policymakers. The number of applications made so far against the export of LNG is 13.

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd

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