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EY panelists discuss US LNG exports

LNG Industry,

During EY Oil & Gas Center’s Energy Executive Insight Session (EEIS), panelists discussed the economic viability for US LNG exports and the impact of US shale gas on the global market.

"As part of the current geopolitical tensions especially with regard to Russia and China, the success of US LNG exports could be impacted by three questions," explained Alexandre Oliveira, EY Oil & Gas Emerging Markets Leader. "Can the country produce enough to export, will US LNG be competitive with Russian gas, and what will the impact be to other countries' gas exports?"

Generally, the participants agreed there is plenty of shale gas in the US to export. Despite a declining amount of natural gas-directed rigs, US production continues to grow. However, panelists also referenced the importance for US projects to be able to compete in a global market and some argued the need for US gas may be a temporary trend, set to end when countries such as China invest in their own gas projects. Either way, US LNG exports are expected to impact other LNG projects from countries like Australia.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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