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Mitsubishi wins order for three compressor trains for Prelude project

LNG Industry,

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation (MCO has received orders for three compressor trains and a power generation system to be used at Shell’s FLNG facility to the Prelude field located off the northwest coast of Australia.

The three compressor trains on order are used for gas recovery from gas wells and for the transmission and compression of gas in the gas treatment and for stabilisation. The power generation system consists of three 40 MW steam turbine power generation units. MCO received the orders for the compressors and power generation system from Technip France, part of the Technip Samsung Consortium which Shell has tasked to engineer, procure, construct and install the Prelude FLNG facility.

The 488 m long, 74m wide FLNG facility forms the core of Shell's Prelude FLNG Project.

Conventionally, LNG has been produced from large-scale gas fields on land or near shore and production has been handled by a gas liquefaction facility on land. However, development of large-scale offshore gas fields, at great distance from land, has been an industry challenge. FLNG is a breakthrough innovation that will allow the production, liquefaction, storage and transfer of LNG at sea, helping to open up offshore natural gas fields that are currently too costly or difficult to develop.

Shell's facility will use mechanical drive steam turbines. Compared with gas turbines, which are generally used in conventional land LNG facilities, steam turbines permit continuous long term operation as well as easier maintenance performed at extended intervals between regular inspections, thereby contributing to higher productivity. They also are able to respond flexibly to fluctuations in production volume. 

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