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Yemen LNG to reach full capacity

LNG Industry,

Francois Rafin, Yemen LNG’s General Manager, announced on Saturday that Yemen LNG were operating near to 100% production capacity and would hopefully achieve that goal in 2010. The first train is currently operating at 99% capacity, and the second train is operating at 91% capacity.

Once at full capacity, Yemen LNG will be able to export up to 6.7 million tpa of LNG from its two liquefaction trains in Balhaf, Shabwah. “Before the second train launched, we had exported one shipment per week. Now we can export two to three every week.” Rafin said.

The trains are fed by a 320 km long pipeline from the Marib gas field. Yemen is the poorest of the Arab states, having recently emerged from a violent civil war, and is still plagued by militant factions. The Oil and Minerals Minister, Amir al-Aidaroos, was keen to play down the risk level in the country though, saying, “Today we are delivering a message to the world, saying that Yemen could be the ideal land to establish large, quality and major projects such as Yemen LNG.”

The project is very important to the Yemeni government, oil revenues have been decreasing in the country and they need the extra LNG output to offset the decrease and buoy up the government finances.

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