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LNG - 07 March 2019


A lifeline for stranded communities

Cameron Dunn, Arup, USA, describes how smaller, prefabricated tanks could help island nations and remote regions transition to cleaner, cheaper and more secure energy.


An LNG consuming giant

Peter Kiernan, Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore, reviews China’s status, growth and current activities in the LNG industry.


Jordan Cove LNG signs sales agreements

Jordan Cove LNG has signed non-binding sales agreements for a total quantity of LNG that is greater than its planned export capacity of 7.5 million tpy.


Wood Mackenzie comments on Ennore LNG

Wood Mackenzie senior analyst Kaushik Chatterjee has shared his thoughts on the significance of the Ennore LNG project, and how it is the beginning of India doubling its regasification capacity to 56.5 million tpy by 2025.