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Heinrich, Barrasso introduce LNG transparency act

LNG Industry,

US Senators Martin Heinrich and John Barrasso have introduced the LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act.

The bipartisan legislation will speed up the approval process for exports of LNG to countries that do not have free trade agreements (FTA) with the US. It specifically requires the Secretary of Energy to make a decision on any LNG export application within 45 days after the environmental review document for the project is published.

Environmental benefits

Commenting on the significance of the legislation, Heinrich said: "Natural gas has significant environmental benefits compared to other fossil fuels, and can reduce global carbon and toxic air pollution.

"Improving the process for reviewing permits to export US natural gas to our allies would create jobs in states like New Mexico because we're rich in the resource. If the US does not aggressively market LNG abroad, many of these countries may have no choice but to purchase energy from Russia or other nations that are not aligned with our own national interests."

US energy security

Senator Barrasso added: "LNG exports will create jobs across the country, reduce our nation's trade deficit, and strengthen the energy security of key US allies who are eager to buy America's natural gas. Right now, LNG exports are being stalled by Washington red tape and permitting delays. Our bipartisan bill fixes this by creating clear deadlines that force Washington to make timely decisions on these critical energy permits. This is a win-win for our economy and America's national security interests."

In addition to Heinrich and Barrasso, Senators Cory Gardner, Heidi Heitkamp, John Hoeven, Tim Kaine, Shelley Moore Capito, and Michael Bennet are original co-sponsors of the LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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