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Regulation to protect B.C. LNG pipelines enforced

LNG Industry,

The Province of British Columbia has established a regulation to ensure pipelines built to support LNG facilities will not be allowed to transport oil or diluted bitumen.

This measure follows a commitment made by the Province in 2014 to put a mechanism in place to ensure pipelines, built to supply LNG facilities, would not transport oil or bitumen. Prior to this commitment, concerns were being expressed during environmental assessments and by First Nations about the long-term pipeline use.

The new regulation will be applied under the Oil and Gas Activities Act and prohibits the BC Oil and Gas Commission from permitting any conversion of a natural gas pipeline supplying an LNG facility.

LNG pipelines

The following six proposed pipelines are subject to the regulation and other pipelines can be added in the future:

  • Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project
  • Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project
  • Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project
  • Pacific Trail Pipelines Project
  • Pacific Northern Gas Looping Project
  • Eagle Mountain-Woodfibre Gas Project


Rich Coleman, Minister of Natural Gas Development

“The establishment of B.C.’s LNG industry is an unprecedented opportunity to create economic growth. This growth will be developed responsibly and this regulation will ensure pipelines will support our long-term potential in natural gas production and export.”

John Rustad, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

“Many First Nations want to work with the Province and proponents on major natural gas pipeline developments, but some have strong and differing views about oil or diluted bitumen pipelines. A regulation prohibiting the automatic conversion of natural gas pipelines for these purposes goes a long way to address the concerns we have heard.”

Chief Barry Nikal, Moricetown Indian Band

“Environmental concerns are a top priority for Moricetown Indian Band because of what the land means to our traditions, sustainability and way of life. This regulation provides our community with peace of mind so that we can focus on discussing the benefits that natural gas will bring without worry that oil will flow through the pipelines.”

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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