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CWC interview with Huadian Group

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CWC's James Park recently interviewed Li Heping, Vice General Manager, Huadian Group, to get his views on the upcoming China LNG International Summit & Exhibition, which is set to take place in Beijing, China, from 17 – 18 March 2016.

The full interview is available below:

CWC: What opportunities do you see for international companies in the Chinese LNG market?

Huadian Group: Now […] is a great [time] for […] international companies to enter into China’s LNG market. The Chinese government is balancing and restructuring the energy sector, demand for natural gas is growing fast and there are huge potential business opportunities in the [Chinese] LNG industry.

CWC: What are LNG imports to China used for?

Huadian Group: LNG imports to China are used for industries including energy, chemical, paper, metal and food production.

CWC: What are you looking forward to at the China LNG International Summit?

Huadian Group: We expect that  [the] 2016 China LNG International Summit [will] provide more opportunities to industry sectors to have focused productive business meetings among the participants.

The full list of speakers at this year’s event are available here and the agenda can be viewed here.

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