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US LNG can reduce Russian monopoly

LNG Industry,

US Representative Fred Upton has said that supplying more US natural gas to the international market will reduce Russia’s influence in Eastern Europe.

Upton, who is chairman of the Natural Resources Committee, described the natural gas sector as the ‘bright spot’ in America’s economy. This advantage now needs to be used for international gain, through increased exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

US LNG exports

"Expanding US LNG exports is an opportunity to combat Russian influence and power, and we have an energy diplomacy responsibility to act quickly," Upton explained.

European consumers get approximately 20% of their natural gas from Russia, most of which is transported through a pipeline network in Ukraine.

Russia's recent decision to send troops into the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea has lead to uncertainty over Russian supply of natural gas to Europe, nearly 50% of which is piped through Ukraine.

Affordable energy

Upton added: "We will continue to advance legislation and develop new proposals that allow market forces and technology to help expand Eastern Europe's access to affordable energy beyond Russia.”

The US government has to determine if LNG exports to non-FTA (free trade agreement) countries are in the public interest before consenting to export licenses.

US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz expressed support for LNG exports when he was elected to office in May last year.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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