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Yemeni pipeline attack repelled

LNG Industry,

Two attacks against the 38 in. gas pipeline, which brings feed gas to the Balhaf LNG facility, took place on June 2nd at 1.50 pm and 2.10 pm at locations approximately 30 kms apart. The pipeline brings feed gas from the Marib Block 18 production field for liquefaction and export from the Balhaf LNG facility.

The Yemeni army succesfully repelled both attacks with no casualties suffered by Yemen LNG according to reports. The pipeline has been repeatedly targeted over the last two years as security in the country has become increasingly fragile, leading to delays in prodcution.

The pipeline is still in operation and LNG production has not suffere any delays, although emergency procedures have been activated to monitor the situation. The Yemeni army has also reinforced security along the pipeline.

Written by Peter Farrell.

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