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APGA and Carib LNG exports

LNG Industry,

On February 27th, APGA filed a motion to intervene in opposition to an application filed by Carib energy to export approximately 120 000 gal/d of domestically produced LNG which is the equivalent of approximately 4.33 billion ft3/y of natural gas. The application is to allow the exports over a 25 year period. The application states that LNG would be exported in containers from various ports of export in the southeastern US to any country with which the US does not have a free trade agreement within South America, Central America or the Caribbean. At the present time, 10 applications have been filed to export LNG.

At last year’s Annual Meeting, APGA members adopted a policy resolution stating that the large scale export of LNG would harm consumers by driving up natural gas prices. APGA has also expressed concerns that the large scale export of LNG would threaten the current unique opportunity America has to utilise its domestic natural gas supply to reduce our dependence on foreign energy. As a result of these positions, APGA has filed motions in opposition in response to the application s that have been filed. APGA’s opposition to the applications is not based on the individual merits, or lack thereof, of each individual application but rather on the policy as a whole and the cumulative impact of each application.

APGA also testified last November at a Senate Energy Committee hearing on the issue of LNG export. The US Energy Information Administration issued a report in January affirming that the large scale export of LNG could significantly increase natural gas, as well as electricity, prices.

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