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Flow-Cal contracted for PNG LNG project

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Flow-Cal Inc. has been selected to provide an advanced gas and liquids measurement solution at ExxonMobil Corp.’s LNG plant in Papua New Guinea.

The LNG project, which is operated by ExxonMobil affiliate ExxonMobil PNG Ltd, includes a gas conditioning plant, as well as liquefaction and storage facilities with a large-scale capacity of 6.9 million tpa of LNG.

ExxonMobil selected Flow-Cal’s measurement software solution to store and validate all gas and liquid values going into the PNG LNG facility. The flow computers used on the LNG project poll data from each of the three PNG facilities and generate Flow-Cal’s secure CFX file format. The proprietary CFX format allows for the import of gas and liquid data into the FLOWCAL measurement application. Generating the file format within the flow computer offers an additional level of data security and integrity.

New custom reporting tools and functionality were built into the FLOWCAL application to meet the PNG project requirements. The LNG project required modifications to the API code within FLOWCAL to extend temperature, pressure and density ranges outside of the normal standards and trigger alarms when this occurs. Additionally, FLOWCAL increased its metric units support for gas and liquids with the addition of metric tons.

Michael Squyres, Flow-Cal’s President and CEO, said: “This project will serve to strengthen our position of leadership in the industry and gain recognition as a global solution.”

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