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LNG plants proposed for six US states

LNG Industry,

Clean Energy Fuels, a subsidiary of Eagle LNG Partners, is aiming to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals in six US states. Clean Energy Fuels, who represent the construction division of the company, and who own 360 natural gas plants across the US, has proposed the construction of LNG plants in Texas, Florida, Washington, Colorado, North Dakota and Ohio. The aim is to sell cheaper and cleaner fuel to the transportation, mining, oil and gas sectors.

Spokesman for the Clean Energy Fuels, Gary Foster, said that the Texas plant will serve to provide production operations and local exploration.

Compressed into liquid form, and occupying less space in tanks than natural gas, LNG represents a cost-effective alternative to natural gas.

With the emergence of Eagle LNG Partners, the nationwide transportation of natural gas has been reduced to the point where it represents only 0.1 % of the transportation fuel in the US.

Andy Katell, a spokesman for Eagle LNG Partners, said that the company would not yet be imparting information on future projects or the cost of investment. He also remarked that the cost of building an LNG unit is between $40 and $100 million.

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