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Support for Dominion Cove LNG export project

LNG Industry,

Officials, business leaders and residents of Calvert County have submitted letters of support for the Dominion Cove LNG export project, to the Maryland Public Service Commission.

These recent comments have been joined by approximately 20 000 additional comments in support of the US$ 3.6 – 3.8 billion LNG export project, submitted by members of the building trades. These trades have vehemently supported the project, as it will bring 3000 construction jobs and millions of dollars in economic benefit to the county.

Support for project

"Our plan to invest further in Calvert County by adding an LNG export operation within the footprint of our existing import facility has drawn tremendous support from elected officials, business leaders and residents of Calvert County, Southern Maryland and beyond," explained Michael Frederick, VP - LNG Operations at Dominion Cove. "The supporters join us in recognizing the clear public benefits the project brings to the region and the state."

Environmental benefits

In addition to economic benefits, exporting LNG from Cove Point could have significant environmental benefits. Frederick added: "LNG exports from Cove Point can help avoid millions of tons of CO2 emissions every year by replacing coal for generating electricity. The facility will recycle heat from the liquefaction process to generate electricity, thus avoiding as much as another 300 000 tons of CO2 equivalent each year.

“Furthermore the Cove Point project will have one of the smallest environmental footprints of all the LNG export projects proposed in the United States and will be built within the confines of existing facilities. There is no need to construct a new pipeline, storage tanks or a pier to load ships."

Over 400 Calvert County residents submitted letters of support. Calvert County Board of County Commissioners, the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce, the Calvert County Health Department, Leadership Southern Maryland and the Patuxent Partnership, also submitted letters.

Letter excerpts

Constance Warren, Lusby

"Making the Cove Point LNG terminal an export facility will do good things for Calvert County and the Southern Maryland region. The Cove Point facility has existed for the past 40 years and has been a great addition in the county. The county has made strides over the years, but can really be put on the map with the exports terminal. I support this project because of the jobs and revenue it will bring to the area."

Donald Sauls, Prince Frederick

"President Obama and other progressive Democrats see projects such as Dominion Cove Point as essential in the fight against global warming and so do I. Mr. Obama has called out the importance of developing a strong global market for natural gas because he knows of the importance of shifting to cleaner fuels. Please stand with the President and our community by supporting the planned exports facility at the current Cove Point LNG imports facility."

Margaret Callahan, Solomons

"The fact is Cove Point has been, and will be, crucial to our local economy and you have the power to ensure that this project moves forward. Please get behind Cove Point."

Chris Moore, Realtor, member of the Calvert County Economic Development Council

"In my opinion, this is an opportunity of historic proportions representing an investment in our area of up to US$ 3.8 billion. Few areas in the United States, much less Maryland, have any prospects of landing an investment that large. This investment and all the new jobs it will produce will help my business grow and expand, along with many others in our region. But I am also excited the project will put Calvert County, and indeed the whole state, on the cutting edge of one of the biggest developments in the energy industry in this century."

Doris Cammack-Spencer, CEO, Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce

"As a Chamber of Commerce, the SMBCC considers the economic benefits of this project for our Members and the region, as a whole. This project will have very significant benefits during construction, including thousands of much needed, well-paying jobs throughout the region, to say nothing of the benefits to suppliers for the project and the wide range of businesses that will support the construction effort and the construction workers."

Permission and approvals

Dominion has asked the Maryland PSC for permission to build the power block needed for liquefaction. Its decision is expected by the end of May.

The project also needs the permission of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to proceed to construction. The FERC has announced that it will issue an environmental assessment of the project on 15th May.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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