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The role of FSRUs in the LNG industry

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In the build up to the World LNG & Gas Series 14th Americas Summit & Exhibition, CWC interviewed Rob Bryngelson, CEO, Excelerate Energy.

Can LNG technology bring costs down and keep deliverability high?

As the pioneer in floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) technology, Excelerate has worked to deliver high levels of performance and deliverability at a fraction of the cost of a land-based LNG terminal - constantly innovating and developing new ways to be more efficient and competitive.

Excelerate's design philosophy focuses on having an appropriate level of redundancy when it comes to our guaranteed delivery rates. As with any complex industrial process, there are always periods of downtime and maintenance, but with our designs, we can ensure that our customers see near 100% uptime and availability throughout the life of a project. That point is often overlooked in the industry, with some providers guaranteeing capacity that can only be achieved if everything works perfectly, and as a result, even minor problems can result in missed deliveries, downtime, and poor performance.

Regarding FSRUs, how much potential is out there in unlocking new demand over the next five years and in which regions?

There are literally dozens of opportunities for new FSRU locations and expansion of existing projects around the world. We see significant opportunity in nearly every part of the world.

Will FSRUs continue to be cost-effective enablers to open new markets?

FSRUs have become the ‘go-to’ solution for regasification capacity in new markets. Their quick time to delivery, low cost, and high degree of flexibility make them an optimum solution for established and growing markets alike. Whether a customer is looking to enhance security of supply in their energy portfolio, diversity from liquid fuels, or meet growth requirements, FSRUs provide the optimal solution. With regasification capacity ranging from as low as 50 million ft3/d to over 1 billion ft3/d, there are virtually no markets where FSRUs aren't the best solution.

What are you most looking forward to at the CWC World LNG & Gas Series 14th Americas Summit & Exhibition?

CWC always provides a good forum for the exchange of ideas and for discussions with key customers, partners, and industry stakeholders.

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