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July 2008

On this month's cover: The American Augers designed and manufactured VR-330 drill rig seen drilling for natural gas well in Louisville, Ohio. Th e VR-330 is complete with 150 t of maximum hook load, and two 365 horsepower diesel engines. The prototype VR-330 will be replaced in Autumn 2008 with the brand new VR-500 vertical drilling rig, which will be branded with the American Directional Drill name.

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Product news
Product news

Oilsands speculation
Ng Weng Hoong considers the future for Canada's oilsands industry, and comments on the price of extracting the sticky stuff.

A concrete legacy
Vlad Popovici, Bredero Shaw, Canada.

Exceeding all expectations
Stefan Klein, Johannes Palmer & Dr. Thomas Hennig, ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Germany.

Surveying the leak
Shamus McDonnell & Chijioke Ukiwe, Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services Inc., Canada.

Operation: desert weld
Gerald Garcia, Pangulf Welding Solutions, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and Wijnold Wijnolds, Magnatech International BV, The Netherlands.

Automatic welding for clad application
Laurent Lamps and Frederic Castrec, Serimax, France.

Best fit beams
James Doorhy, Siemens Energy and Automation, USA.

Editorial comment

Pipeline news
Pipeline news

Managing your assets
Alfred Griffioen, Nacap, The Netherlands.

A composite success
Peter Hayward, DeepSea Engineering & Management, UK.

Staying live
Dan Vu, Advantica Ltd, UK.

Handle with care
Cindy Verhoeven, Dhatec, The Netherlands.

Reliable landfall
Goos de Boer, Boskalis Offshore, The Netherlands.

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