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January 2011

The first issue of 2011 includes a major feature on leak detection, including articles from ROSEN and T.D. Williamson. Other features concentrate on repair and rehabilitation; risk assessment; developments in coatings and inline inspection. Punj Lloyd discusses an EPC project story from India and Atteris writes about a shore approach of an LNG pipeline.

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Fighting back, slugging it out
Gordon Cope explains how although the US is getting back on its feet, recent accidents hang like a cloud over the energy sector.

Eyes on the goal
Luc Hoppenbrouwers, Denys, Belguim.

Navigating the network
Suzanne Najmi, T.D. Williamson (France) S.A.S.

The leak detectives
Dr. Olaf Stawicki, Carlos Sabido and Dieter Meendermann, ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Germany.

Detection developments
Timothy G. Brown, Director of International Services, Heath Consultants Incorporated.

Underwater leak acoustics
Luigi Barbagelata, Co.L.Mar., Italy.

Leak detection on four legs
Kelvin Fahy and Andre Goncalves of Penspen Integrity, The Penspen Group.

Laying pipelines in the marshes of Indonesia
Praveen K. Chand, Punj Lloyd, India.

Pipeline failure in the Mediterranean Sea
Mark Sim, T.D. Williamson, Inc.

Pluto LNG project
Dean Campbell, Engineering Manager and Tom Seeber, Senior Engineer, Atteris Pty Ltd.

A coating innovation
Dr Raul Palazzetti, Chief Executive, Pipe Industrial Paints & Coating srl, Italy.

A danger foreseen is half avoided
John Drake, Senior Risk Consultant, AKE Limited, UK.

Understanding deepwater pipeline risks
Peter Carr and Ian Nash, Peritus International.

Pipeline machinery review
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

A multi-modal approach
Jim Costain, GE Energy, Measurement & Control Solutions.

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