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September 2020

This issue of Tanks & Terminals covers a range of topics including tank maintenance and repairs, digitalisation, automation, and safety. We also assess the growing importance of the storage sector in Asia.

This month's front cover is brought to you by American Petroleum Institute.

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Opportunity within a crisis
Ng Weng Hoong, Contributing Editor, assesses the growing importance of the storage sector in Asia in response to the record plunge in global oil demand.

Protection from the pendulum swing
Frank Capristo and Ryan Whitaker, Matrix Service Inc., USA, explain how owner/operators can achieve better project outcomes during extraordinary times.

Sowing the seeds of success
Michael McGlamry, Hempel A/S, USA, discusses how recent events have highlighted the importance of storage infrastructure maintenance.

Combatting crisis with composites
Dr Oleg Sukovoy, SPS Technology, UK, champions the use of composite repairs to extend the lives of storage tanks.

Diving deeper into data
Michael J. Brose, Solomon Associates, USA, highlights some important trends and consistencies within tank integrity maintenance programmes.

The door to a new age
Sven Durian, Siemens Digital Logistics GmbH, Germany, explains how digitalisation can provide companies with end-to-end visibility.

RTUs: a tank half full approach
Craig Abbott, Ovarro, Australia, looks at how remote terminal units are being used in tank farm management to improve automation tasks, access to data, and health, safety and environmental metrics.

Safety in explosive atmospheres
Terry McDonald, Thorne & Derrick International, UK, and Scott Harding, Woodcock & Wilson, UK, outline the importance of using safe equipment for tank ventilation in explosive atmospheres.

Cutting off combustion
Dominic Feeney, Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd, UK, presents a safe and reliable method for measuring flammable gases during tank maintenance operations.

Removing the obstacles
Gayla Broostin and Greg V. Seefeldt, Zeeco Inc., USA, outline the obstacles that need to be removed to increase liquid loading throughput at marine terminal facilities.

Getting up to code
Andy Smith, ASHCOR, USA, reviews transmission and storage sector regulatory updates and explains how combustion control devices offer an alternative to eliminate compressor station fugitive and vented gas emissions.

Soak up the sunlight
Kevin Smith, SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, USA, presents a case study where wireless tank gauging systems improve the accuracy of tank content level and temperature monitoring at a terminal.

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