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September 2019

The Autumn issue of Tanks & Terminals includes articles on floating roof design options, tank protection, safety, corrosion management, demolition & decommissioning and measurement.

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Keeping ahead
Ng Weng Hoong, Contributing Editor, reports on why Singapore’s storage network has bolstered its role as Asia’s oil pricing hub, despite competition from neighbouring countries.

Come wind, rain or shine
Ryan Fulton, DTN, USA, argues the importance of planning terminal operations in unique weather environments.

Going the extra mile
Robert Ferry and Behdad Yazdani, Trinity Consultants, USA, look at floating roof design options to minimise storage tank emissions and why it makes sense to go beyond minimum requirements.

Designing tanks to prevent damage
Colin Mandrick, Burns & McDonnell, USA, outlines best practices for storage tank minimum design metal temperature.

Rethinking tank protection
Andras T. Peller, Swiss Fire Protection Research & Development AG, Switzerland, questions how the protection of petrochemical tanks should be altered in light of the recent incident at the Deer Park terminal.

Danger from above
Mike Rice, Dropsafe, explains why it is important for tank farm operators to understand the threat posed by dropped objects.

Integrated corrosion protection
George Huber and Sam Ternowchek, MISTRAS Group, USA, explore the value of a unified inspection, monitoring, and data management corrosion protection programme for tanks and terminal operations.

The science of tank coating
Francesca Crolley, Synavax Inc., USA, considers why nanoscience offers an innovative solution to help protect storage tanks from corrosion.

Talking tanks
William Wright, nVent Thermal Management, USA, outlines suggestions to improve energy efficiency in tank heating and insulation.

Pillars of success
Lucas Ribeiro, Implico Group, Germany, explains how modern terminal management systems are structured and what benefits this has.

Weighing up the costs
Richard Vann and Mark Taylor, RVA Group, UK, evaluate the role of a costings study in decommissioning projects.

Plan of action
Arthur Sferlazzo, R. Baker & Son, USA, outline the importance of a step-by-step method of procedure in tank farm demolition.

Radar at the double
AnnCharlott Enberg, Emerson Automation Solutions, Sweden, explains why radar level gauges are a suitable solution to provide both level and independent overfill measurements at bulk liquid storage facilities, in accordance with industry safety standards.

Easy as ABC
Neil Bowman, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory, UK, attempts to shed some light on petroleum measurement uncertainty.

Defending the line
High pressure surge in a pipeline is a particular risk for terminals and tank storage facilities. Chuck Weber, SPX FLOW, USA, explains how a two-tier approach to mitigation of pipeline transient surge pressure can improve safety.

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